Cross Hire Cross Hire Camera and Lighting Equipment

We have a large selection of lighting for a studio our size, so we hope we can accommodate your DOP's needs.

Size of application can vary from small simple pack-shot to multiple sets with complicated set-ups which require an equally complicated lighting list.

Therefore to make things simpler we have come up with 3 Lighting Package sizes and prices:

Small Tungsten + Kino Lighting Package - £350/day

Medium Tungsten + Kino Lighting Package - £550/day

Large Tungsten + Kino Lighting Package - £750/day

LED Lighting package - £1000/day

The job can grow or even shrink compared with previous expectations, as the day progresses; so we reserve the right to edit the size; either up or down; to match the kit used 'on the day'..

If your requirements are not in the list below, we'll be happy to 'Cross Hire' in and give you a quote. In order to cater for your requirements, please give us 36 hours notice, if this is the case.

In-House Lighting List


1    x    Nanlux Dyno + soft box 

1    x    Nanlux Evoke 1200 + Soft Box

1    x    Nanlux Evoke 1200b

2    x    Gemini 2x1 + soft box + egg crate

2    x    Godox S60d

2    x    Nanlite Pavo 4'

2    x    Nanlite Pavo 2'

2    x    Nanlite Pavo 1'


2 x Arri T12

4 x Arri Studio 5k

2 x Strand 5K

4 x Arri Studio 2K

6 x Arri 1k

4 x Arri 650w

6 x Arri 300/500

4 x Arri 150w

4 x Dedo 100w

3 x Dedo 150w


2 x Kino-flo Image 80

2 x Kino-flo Parabeam 400

2 x Kino-flo Parabeam 200

2 x Kino-flo Diva 400

2 x 4’ 4Bank Kino (1 x being serviced)

2 x 4’ 2Bank Kino

2 x 4’ 2Bank Kino

1 x 2’ 2Bank Kino

1 x Set of 4 Kino-flo Micro Flo kit

1 x 30’x20’ Green Screen

1 x 20’x20’ Green Screen

1 x 28’x16’ Blue Screen

1 x 20’x20’ White Bounce

1 x 20’x20’ Blue Sky

2 x 16’x16’ Ultrabounce

2 x 16’x16’ Full Silk

2 x 16’x16’ 1/2 Silk

2 x 12’x12’ Ultrabounce

1 x 12’x12’ 1/2 Silk

1 x 12’x12’ Rosco Soft

1 x 12’x12’ Green Screen

1 x 16’x8’ Green Screen

1 x 16’x8’ Blue Screen

2 x 8’x8’ Ultrabounce

2 x 8’x8’ Full Silk

2 x 8’x8’ 1/2 Silk

1 x 6’x6’ Full Silk

1 x 6’x6’ Rosco Soft

1 x 6’x6’ Black Net

1 x Large Daylight Chimera c/w 10k/5k Studio Speed Ring

2 x Med Chimera c/w 5k/2k Studio Speed Ring

4 x Small Chimera c/w 1k Speed Ring

1 x Small Chimera c/w 650w Speed Ring

1 x XS Chimera c/w 650w Speed Ring

2 x 16’x16’ Frames (can be configured as 1 x 20’x20’, 3 x 12’x12’ or 4 x 8’x8’)

1 x 6’x6’ Frame

4 x 8’x4’ Frames

3 x 4’x4’ Ali Frames

2 x 3’x3’ Ali Frames

1 x 1mx1m Arri Bounce Board on Yoke c/w Silver, Gold, Black and White

1 x Finger and Dot Kit

1 x Selection of black flags (4 of each size)

1 x Selection of Nets (2 sets of each size)

2 x 20kw 63amp Dimmers

1 x 24kw 16amp Dimmer

1 x 10k in-line dimmer

1 x 5k in-line dimmer

30 X Sand Bags

20 x Stage Weights

3 x Ladders

Full Gel and Frost Selection + clips

Plenty of stands, cables and lighting grip